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Taskflo + TradeSearch + Ultimate = Exclusivity

Taskflo Plus Ultimate - all the great benefits of Taskflo Plus, plus access to Taskflo Connect our exclusive Commercial, Strata & Real-Estate portal. Any Tradie can apply to join Taskflo Plus Ultimate, However you must meet the minimum Taskflo Verified requirements to gain access to our exclusive network. If your business does not meet the minimum requirements, we will help you get verified so you can start accessing quality jobs from quality clients.

Taskflo Connect

Scale your business with unlimited quality leads from our Commercial, Strata and Real-Estate Clients. Taskflo is an exclusive network used by our clients to manage their property maintenance requirements. Apply to join today and see the benefits for yourself.

Build your Brand

Why not take advantage of our buying power and get instant access to our bespoke value offered marketing packages tailored to suit your business needs. Get better value from your marketing dollars. Let TradeSearch manage your digital strategy, paid social, social content marketing, TV, Radio, Video etc.

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TradeSearch takes care of all your search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This means your TradeSearch Business website will rank high for the services you provide, in the areas your are targeting. This will ensure growth and allow you to scale at your pace.

Save Time and Money by Maximising your Marketing budget

Let TradeSearch do all the hard work and bring the magic to you. After the initial consultation, we will fully understand your requirements and get to work on delivering you the expected outcomes you deserve.

Clever Marketing

Build your brand using the best marketing strategies available today! We will help you build clever digital, content, social media and brand strategies designed to amplify your business.

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